NCT 127’s Johnny Confirms His Tattoo And Reveals The Touching Meaning Behind It

It’s just as much for him as it is for fans.

During NCT 127‘s promotions for “Punch”, fans noticed something different about Johnny‘s arm. On his left one, he wore a bandage to cover something.

During the group’s Beyond Live concert, fans finally saw what had been under wraps. He had a tattoo of a yellow sunflower there.

Since fans had been taken by surprise and wanted to know if it was real, Johnny confirmed it during their recent interview with iHeartRadio.

For his final message, he used it to address the elephant in the room. He began, “Hey, guys. So, yes, I did get a tattoo of a sunflower.” Instead of leaving it a simple confirmation, he went on to explain why.

Johnny hadn’t tattooed a sunflower on his arm for aesthetics. The strength of them is what caught his attention, “I wanted. The reason I got it was because of the meaning behind the flower in general.”

The placement of sunflowers in relation to the sun demonstrates how anyone can succeed and thrive in the face of adversity. He explained, “How it’s always facing the sun, or how it has a positive energy and a meaning.”

That’s why the tattoo represents a source of strength for Johnny to overcome all his obstacles and stay motivated. “I just want to remind myself, no matter how or what situation I am in, to always try to be positive and always keep moving forward towards the light.”

The tattoo isn’t only for him. Because he gains strength from the beautiful resilience of the sunflower, he wishes that NCTzens can achieve the same from him and NCT 127: “And, I hope that whoever is watching or listening can feel our energy, feel that energy from us a little bit and really keep being positive, keep on staying healthy…”

Check out Johnny addressing his bright sunflower tattoo that’s more meaningful than meets the eye here. There are now quite a few NCT members with a tattoo.

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