NCT 127’s Johnny Exposed The Whole Production Team Because He Could

Mark and Jaehyun couldn’t keep straight faces afterward.

NCT 127 played a game of I Dare You with Teen Vogue that was twice as much fun thanks to their shenanigans.

Johnny turned a dare into a moment to playfully expose the whole production team.

After singing a bit of “Once Again”, the group waited for the next member to choose between truth or dare. Haechan held the dare container as Jaehyun rummaged around in it for the perfect one.

Sensing the one meant for him, Jaehyun plucked one out. He read it aloud, finding out his task was to draw with his eyes closed. Funnily enough, he seemed to be already prepared for it.

Johnny exposed the whole set-up. While pointing to the pen and notepad Jaehyun was holding, he stated, “It’s crazy how you had that paper ready, though.”

Jaehyun pretended like he was seeing both items for the first time, playing it off. Mark couldn’t take it, slapping Johnny’s arm as he laughed. Johnny burst into laughter from it all.

Since Johnny had exposed them all, Mark thought they would have to record the scene all over again. Fortunately, they found it just as funny as NCT 127 and fans did, leaving the hilarious moment in the video.

No one is safe from Johnny exposing all the secrets. See him crack them up by just being his truthful, funny self.