NCT 127’s Johnny’s Heart Was Stolen By Their Kind Manager

Get a man who looks at you the way Johnny looks at their manager.

NCT 127‘s Johnny and Jaehyun featured in a spread for W Korea, where their handsome visuals shined through the dim lighting and stole fans’ hearts.

Baring his toned abs in all their glory, Johnny especially had NCTzens clutching their chests. Although he stole their hearts, their manager turned out to be the one who stole his in a clip from the magazine’s interview.

Nearing the end of all the questions they had to answer, Jaehyun and Johnny were growing tired and needed to refuel. Holding his stomach, Johhny declared, “I’m hungry, so… I didn’t eat dinner yet…”

Instead of agreeing, Jaehyun decided to move along to the final one to speed up the process, “Then, let’s quickly get on to the last question.” That’s when their manager did something that gave Johnny all the strength to continue.

While they were preparing for the next scene, both of them were comfortably sitting on the sofa. Their manager noticed something small was out of place, walking over to Johnny. He gently placed his hand on Johnny’s hair, smoothing it in place and behind his ear.

Johnny had been touched not only by the fact that he’d noticed such a tiny detail but did it so gently.

With a hand to his chest, he stared at their manager with the most dramatically loving expression, like his heart was jumping out of his chest. Jaehyun had to take a peek at what was happening.

Even when their manager finished and walked away, Johnny looked after him like his entire world had been changed, his hand still holding his chest. Oftentimes, it’s the small acts that genuinely convey how much you care for someone.

The fact that their manager had noticed and caringly fixed it was all it took for him to win Johnny’s heart. Watch the sweet moment and his dramatic reaction to it here.