NCT 127’s Johnny Teased Mark Lee Until He Cursed On A Live Broadcast

His face after hearing Mark swear was like an emoji.

NCT 127‘s Johnny and Mark gave fans a special treat by starting a joint Instagram Live while sitting beside each other in the car on the way to their M Countdown stage to perform their new single, “2 Baddies.” NCTzens got to see both of their faces as they conversed and showed a hilarious sibling dynamic while playfully fighting for the affection of their fans.

At one point, Johnny pointed out that Mark had bought the same jacket as him, claiming that Mark was trying to copy his style.

Johnny also said that even starting the joint Instagram Live was his idea that Mark copied, “I wanted to show the world that Mark copies Johnny.” Mark was at a loss for words, “Yeah, but like…it’s uh…god dammit!

Johnny’s reaction to Mark suddenly swearing was priceless. NCTzens couldn’t get over his gasp and scandalized face.

Mark didn’t have anything to say to defend himself, stumbling over his words, “I didn’t, I didn’t…alright for sure though…I was like…like I didn’t, I wasn’t sure.” Johnny finished him off by saying, “Anyways, everybody knows now who has the better fit.

Both members burst out laughing, and before ending the broadcast, Johnny assured fans that they were just joking around before promising to see them live on M Countdown.

Watch NCT 127’s music video for “2 Baddies” below!