NCT 127’s Jungwoo Greets Fans Through Live Broadcast For First Time After Hiatus

He had some words especially for NCTzens.

After almost half a year away, NCT 127‘s Jungwoo has finally returned from his hiatus. Not only did he appear in their latest music video “Dreams Come True”, but he recently greeted fans for the first time in a while through a live broadcast.

He used the chance to briefly mention why he was away and how thankful he was for all the support he received.

As soon as the broadcast started, they had to address the good news of Jungwoo’s long-awaited return. Before they did anything else, Doyoung told him to greet everyone. He did so, pointing out how long it had been since the last time they’d seen him.

He couldn’t help but mention the vital reason he’d been away, stating, “I took a break to clean up my mind and body.” Since Jungwoo had taken all the time he needed to do so, he wanted to thank fans for sticking by him and supporting him.

It meant a lot to Jungwoo that fans were willing to wait however long it took for him to become healthy and happy once again. He then ended his brief speech on a happy note.

Since they’ll be releasing their second full album, Jungwoo told everyone to look forward to it. They’d all worked very hard to prepare it.

Having Jungwoo back is everything NCTzens have been wanting. With the exception of Winwin, NCT 127 is as complete as it can be. See Jungwoo’s first greeting in a long while here.