NCT 127 Jungwoo’s “Hairstylist” Will Make You Wish You Could Book An Appointment

Doyoung worked his magic.

At the start of his recent live broadcast, NCT 127‘s Jungwoo kicked it off with something fans hadn’t been expecting. He voiced his need to get his hair styled.

Little did they know, he didn’t have to look far for a hairstylist. He’d already prepared one; someone NCTzens were quite familiar with.

After telling fans he’d planned to get his hair styled and “invited a hair designer,” he rotated the camera to reveal them. Playing along with their roles of client and customer, Doyoung confirmed his appointment for 3:00 PM.

As soon as Jungwoo sat down, he received the ultimate superstar treatment. While preparing his tools, Doyoung gave him a nice shoulder massage. “Huh? You’ve never done this before.”

When the tools were ready, Jungwoo decided on a natural look. Doyoung went to work by putting his own twist on the style, taking his hair and curling the pieces. No one would’ve been able to tell “it’s only been two hours since [he] became a professional hairstylist.”

He may have burned Jungwoo just a little, making him jump and grab onto his ear. Despite that, Doyoung created a hairstyle that anyone, guy or girl, wouldn’t mind wearing on their head.

Going from straight hair to curly, Jungwoo looked undeniably handsome. Hairstylist Doyoung wasn’t the only person satisfied with how well it suited him, “So cute!” He read the comments from fans who shared his thoughts. “Why are you so cute?” “So cute.” “It looks fine.”

From the special massage to the completed hairstyle and even the complimentary scented hand sanitizer, who wouldn’t want Doyoung to be their hairstylist? In fact, this is the expression you’d make looking at what a great job he did but also knowing you’ll never get your hair styled by him.

See hairstylist Doyoung work his magic, putting the finishing touches on Jungwoo’s hairstyle and reading fan’s comments starting at 15:57.