NCT 127’s Jungwoo And Taeil Couldn’t Name Their Own Title Track

Mark couldn’t stop laughing, especially since they’re currently promoting it.

In the latest episode of NCT 127‘s Late Night Punch Punch Show, Taeil and Jungwoo kicked it off by cracking everyone up with their answer to the very first question.

Host Doyoung thought he would start the quiz battle off with what should have been an easy question, “What’s the title song of Neo Zone : The Final Round?”

Since they released a video for it and performed it on music shows, it should’ve been a no-brainer.

Jungwoo and Taeil thought the same, quickly slamming their hands on the buzzers in front of them. The former was faster, snatching up the chance to answer first. Even so, he didn’t have the right answer at all.

After hinting he wasn’t completely confident by rubbing his nose, he smiled and pointed, “Hero”. That caused Mark to laugh like there was no tomorrow, turning and latching onto Yuta. Taeil didn’t fare any better but was just as funny.

Taeil opted for the official English title of the same song, saying, “Kick It”. By then, even Doyoung was amused, smiling while offering a way to help them both, “I’ll repeat the question.”

Mark couldn’t believe Jungwoo and Taeil forgot, asking if they were being pranked. Standing up, he questioned, “It’s for real?” He then decided to give them a hint, punching the air as if boxing.

Still, Jungwoo didn’t catch on, “What are you saying? It’s ‘Hero’.”

After Doyoung read the question again, Taeil was able to redeem himself. To cover up his previous mistake, he said, “Uh, this is actually… Well… As you all know, it’s very easy… ‘Punch.'”

Everyone has their moments when they mix up a simple question—even Jungwoo and Taeil. At least they could bring everyone laughter.

See them crack up their group by forgetting one of the most essential parts of their promotions here.