NCT 127’s Mark Surprise Fans With His New Found Skills

He’s got some skills…

Seasonies were surprised to witness NCT 127‘s Mark skills in Archery at the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships.

On January 7, NCT 127’s Mark joined his members to record 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships and Doyoung, Mark, Taeyong participated in the Archery competition.

While the members were showing off their skills, fans noticed something different about how Mark was playing the game.

Mark couldn’t wink with his left eye so both of his eyes closed whenever he tried to focus on the target.

Thanks to his efforts, he was able to score high points for this team and fans praised Mark for his ability to play Archery with his eyes closed.

Fans were amazed to see the cutest way Mark played the game and commented, “He is the Legend of Archery”, “I wouldn’t complain to be stuck between his eyes”, and “His cuteness is out of this world”.

Source: Instight