NCT 127 Mark’s Advice To A Fan Suffering From Low Self-Esteem Because Of Hate Comments

He told them how to get away from the negativity.

As a member of NCT 127, SuperM, and NCT DREAM, Mark is extremely familiar with the positives and negatives that come with the spotlight. When a fan asked for advice on receiving hate comments, he was quick to give them encouraging words.

Mark | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

For one of NCT’s fan signings, NCTzen and YouTuber JESSY opened up about “some comments that are full of hatred because those people judge me from the way I look, speak, and act.” She admitted that her “self-esteem has been the lowest” it’s ever been from receiving such hate.

Mark pointed out that it was inevitable. He said, “There are gonna be people who hate no matter what you do.” Instead, it was best to change one’s focus.

He reminded them to spend their time enjoying the positives by saying, “So might as well spend your time and energy on something—on the good.

Although Mark offered advice to help with the fan’s specific situation, it could be useful to anyone suffering from similar situations.

There’s no use in being as miserable as those who post hate comments. When you’re living your best life, you’ll no longer take them seriously.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

See Mark offer caring advice to a fan on how to stay positive in the face of hatred.