NCT’s Mark Hanging On To Dear Life On An Amusement Ride Will Make You Adore Him Even More

Mark can’t handle the thrill!

For NCT 127‘s special “Hello Seoul” photobook, Mark and the other members went to an amusement park and posed for the shoot on different rides.


Fans know by now that Mark isn’t the strongest when it comes to going on rollercoasters – so when the pictures revealed him looking calm and carrying on, it confused them.


But when the behind-the-scenes making-of-the-photobook video went live, Mark was spotted being scared out of his mind on the pirate ship ride! It was the same cute Mark that the fans know and love.


Mark rode in the center seats, or for avid rollercoaster riders – the lease appealing seats on the pirate ship because it’s the most stable. Even then, Mark was struggling to keep his eyes open. It looked like his spirit was leaving his body with each swing!


Fans love how cute Mark is – but are amazed even more so at how professional he must have been, to put his all his fears down and look this good for the photoshoot!


Watch the full making clip below:

Source: THEQOO