NCT 127’s Mark Lee Just Gave Another Sign That He Is Always Watching NCTzens On Social Media

Mark is always watching apparently. 👀

One thing that many K-Pop fans fear is their idol being able to see what they post about them online. NCT 127‘s Mark Lee has already confirmed that he and other members watch fans online but recently gave fans another indication that he is on social media alongside them.

NCT 127’s Mark Lee | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

In late September, Mark and Johnny both joined a live Twitter Spaces session with host Jeff Benjamin to promote their latest album, 2 Baddies.

As they were ending the space, Johnny mentioned how he watched fan reaction videos online from time to time to see how NCTzens were reacting. Mark said he did the same, making Jeff say fans should be careful since NCT constantly monitored what they posted! Johnny said, “Be careful, be careful, we’re watching!” Mark followed-up with, “Don’t write something nasty! We’ll come find you!

Fans had hilarious reactions to the possibility of NCT 127 seeing some of the admittedly outrageous things that are sometimes said online.

Now Mark has given NCTzens another reason to be mindful of what they post online because he is probably watching!

In the new Uncut episode posted to the NCT 127 YouTube channel, fans get a behind-the-scenes look at the group learning the choreography to “2 Baddies.” The group are their naturally funny and goofy selves throughout the filming, often taking time to step in front of the camera directly.

Mark approached the cameras several times throughout the episode, but one of the last times he did, he said something that convinced fans he must be online, specifically on Twitter.

Got you in 4K!

— Mark Lee

Being “caught in 4K” or someone saying “got you in 4k” means being caught doing something that you probably shouldn’t be doing or saying in a way that is extremely obvious, as a reference to 4K video quality. Twitter users often use it to describe something their followers or favorite idols get caught doing.

NCTzens are now again making jokes about Mark lurking on the Twitter app and being able to see all the things they are saying.

Ironically, a clip from the new video showing Mark lifting up his shirt and accidentally showing his abs gave fans their own “caught you in 4K” moment.