NCT 127’s Mark Reveals The Pre-Performance Superstition He Can Never Forget

If he performs without doing his ritual, he won’t let himself forget it.

Whenever most idols step on stage, there’s something they always have to do to make sure they’re set up for an amazing performance. While idols like MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk can’t perform their best without some food, NCT 127‘s Mark‘s ritual was a bit more spiritual.

| onyourm__ark/Instagram

During a SuperM interview, the group faced a question about any supersitions or jinxes they had. There was one that immediately came to Mark’s mind.

He had to do one thing before he stepped on any stage. Mark answered, “I always have to pray before going on stage.

If a quick prayer doesn’t make it into Mark’s pre-performance plan, it’ll never leave his mind. He said, “If I forget to do that, I’ll obsess about it later.

Many could relate to Mark’s situation and loved the fact that he managed to stay true to his beliefs—even in such a small moment.

Watch Mark talk about the superstition here.


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