NCT 127 Met Niall Horan And The Directioner In Every NCTzen’s Heart Is Crying

Please make this happen!

NCT 127 attended and performed in the annual MTV EMAs and they wowed everyone with their performance! They also met a lot of artists who also attended the award show, and one of them was Niall Horan!

NCT 127 tweeted a photo of them with Niall Horan and fans were excited about the interaction between them!

NCT127 posted a group photo of them with Niall Horan and NCTzens are in need of a collaboration ASAP! The Directioner in every NCTZen’s heart is crying and badly needs a collaboration between the two!

With Niall’s deep vocals, he will for sure be a great addition to the talent NCT127 has to offer!

NCTzens will be waiting patiently!