NCT 127 Playing Their Roles Of Annoying School Students Is Spot On

Teacher Johnny was over them before class even started.

NCT 127 gathered together as students for their first lesson at American School 101 taught by Johnny, and they were the most annoying students ever before the lesson even started.


Since sleeping isn’t one of Haechan‘s favorite things to do, he was already tired and gave a long yawn, which made him ask his first question. He raised his hand and asked what time was lunch.

Like the teacher he was, Johnny pointed out that it was already past lunch time, which made Haechan upset. And, he wasn’t the only one who spoke up. Jaehyun followed his lead by raising his hand. He was just as childish as the maknae, asking, “When is recess?”

It was Taeil who entertained them the most. Right after raising his hand, he announced that he had to go to the bathroom. Not only did the statement make everyone laugh but Mark questioned, “Already?”

Although none of them are in school anymore, they definitely know how to play the role of annoying students particularly well. Watch NCT 127 slip into their funny roles here.