NCT 127 Reveals 9 Things You Never Knew About Them

“What the flute?”

NCT 127 filmed a different type of video with MTV. They shared nine things that people didn’t know about them. Each member shared one thing about themselves.

1. Johnny’s bottomless stomach

He could eat a whole large pizza by himself. And, he’d substitute tomato sauce for barbecue sauce.

2. Mark’s failed talent

He played the flute when he was younger, so they tested his skills. But, he couldn’t remember how to play and Johnny yelled, “What the flute?”

3. Yuta and bugs

He hates bugs, especially big ones. He’d been pretending in front of NCT that he was fine with them, when he was scared all along.

4. Food master Jungwoo

He eats every night before he goes to sleep, and he can eat six meals a day.

5. Doyoung’s perfect selca angle

He prefers his right profile versus his left, so he always takes his photos from the right side.

6. Taeil’s smooth skin

He doesn’t have a lot of hair “everywhere.” He believes he has the perfect amount.

7. Taeyong’s cute videos

He watches videos of raising animals or growing plants in an aquarium to calm down.

8. Jaehyun’s special high note

He sings the highest notes out of all of the members, as high as a dolphin. He’s hoping to have a high note battle with Ariana Grande.

9. Haechan’s “dangerous” secret

He is currently roommates with Johnny while on tour.

To check out the full video of NCT 127’s secrets, watch it here.