NCT 127 Reveals The Secrets Fans Would Be Shocked To Know

Can you guess what they are?

NCT 127 dished on their favorite films, the first album they ever purchased, and more in a recent interview with Buzzfeed.

When asked if they could share a secret that shock their fans, members Johnny, Mark, and Haechan had their answers ready.

Johnny started by revealing how he thinks his Korean is so-so. Considering that he does most of the translating work for NCT, it was an unexpected answer.

I’m actually not as good at Korean as our fans think!

– Johnny

Mark, meanwhile, stated that he’s studying a different kind of interest nowadays.

I actually take a lot more selfies than you’d think. I’m studying these days!

– Mark

Finally, Haechan, a fan of e-sports, said that he’s not actually good at gaming.

I look like I’d be great at playing video games, but I’m really terrible…

– Haechan

No matter what “secret” NCT is hiding, it can’t make fans love them any less.

Source: Buzzfeed