NCT 127’s “Superhuman” MV Has A Confusing, Hidden Clue

Fans aren’t sure what to make of this.

NCT 127 is back with a brand new music video…and a secret message?


On May 24, NCT 127 dropped the much-hyped music video for “Superhuman”. Fans instantly fell in love its high tech, cinematic visuals, but there’s more to this video than meets the eye.


From CG robots to levitating motorcycles, “Superhuman” has a plethora of eye-catching details. One of these details, however, is taking viewers completely by surprise. A QR code unexpectedly appears at the MV’s 3:42-3:43 mark.


The code is leaving a lot of fans confused. Many NCTzens say the QR has redirected them to Wikipedia’s main page.


Other fans reportedly ended up at WayV‘s “Take Off” MV.


For other NCTzens, the QR came up as invalid, causing them to wonder if the code is only in the video for aesthetic purposes.


The reason for this mysterious clue hasn’t been revealed, but it’s now officially part of NCT lore! Check it out for yourself, here: