Here’s How NCT 127’s Taeil Overcomes Low Confidence And Getting Back Up After Failure

“I seriously start to think that I’m a failure, and so I start…”

While NCT 127 is a successful group and Taeil is an amazing vocalist, he opened up about struggles that everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. Though he encountered low confidence and failure on his journey to discovering himself, Taeil revealed how he overcame them.

Taeil | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

When asked about confidence during his interview with MEN’S NON-NO magazine, Taeil honestly responded, “Of course, there are times when I lack the confidence.” In particular, the area where his confidence reaches its lowest is when his singing doesn’t match up to his expectations.

In fact, I don’t have much confidence in my personal life. But, to be honest, I’m mainly always singing. So the symbolic times when ‘I don’t have confidence,’ is when my singing just doesn’t quite cut it.

— Taeil

Reacting as anyone else would in the situation, Taeil admitted that his “self-esteem drops” but he doesn’t let it keep him down for too long.

Taeil pushes through the setback until he meets his expectations. He said, “And I wind up in my head [thinking], ‘Oh, I’m just not quite good enough after all.’ I seriously start to think that I’m a failure, and so I start rehearsing like crazy.

No matter how long it takes, Taeil practices singing until he once again becomes the confident vocalist he knows he can be.

Even if there isn’t an immediate rise in my ability, by rehearsing enough that I almost lose my voice, I feel much better. And I think it helps to regain my confidence. So, that’s what I do.

— Taeil


From how amazing and unique Taeil’s vocals are, all of his efforts pay off and show how dedicated he is to singing. He’s living proof that failure can be overcome and confidence can be built back up however many times it’s needed.

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