NCT 127’s Taeil’s “Punch” Is So Strong He Nearly Broke Machines

“He used to break it every time we went there.” – Yuta

When noticing NCT 127‘s Taeil‘s habits, it’s hard to miss how laidback he is. Although he chooses only to say a few words, they always make a hilarious impact.

On top of having such powerful vocals, it turns out these aren’t his only strengths. Physically, he’s a force to be reckoned with, breaking machines left and right.

To test each of the members’ strengths and tie in their title track “Punch” on Weekly Idol, the show prepared a punching machine. Based on their brute force, they saw who could score the highest.

As Taeil stood up and stretched, the rest of them revealed he was a major contender for the top spot. Haechan announced his arrival, “The real one is coming.”

Even though his practice punch wasn’t as powerful as they expected, they vouched for his skill. Doyoung said, “Taeil is actually good at things like this.” He and Haechan weren’t the only ones to approve.

Taeyong stated, “He’s actually really good.” Taeil confidently revealed, “I used to break all the records at each of these machines in Gangnam.”

Yuta witnessed it firsthand. Making everyone even more excited, he agreed, “That’s right. He used to break it every time we went there.”

With two tries to reach the score of 990 he’d claimed, Taeil wasn’t able to achieve it. He humbly accepted he wasn’t as strong as he once was, “I think I’m old now. I’ll accept it now.”

At least, Taeil has the memories. Listen to the members hype up his past skills of breaking machines.