NCT 127 Taeil’s “Sticker” Recording Proved He’s An Absolute Professional, But Doyoung And Haechan Still Can’t Help Teasing Him For It

“It was so funny I screenshotted it” — Doyoung

NCT 127‘s Taeil received a lot of praise for the way he put his everything into the recording for “Sticker,” the title track of the group’s 2021 comeback album. Yet, while Taeil’s passionate performance was impressive, his unusual posture did not escape fans’ notice…or his members’.

While discussing their work on MUSIC SPACE, which is the music-centered segment of THE NCT SHOW, Doyoung and Haechan couldn’t help poking light fun at Taeil and his “Sticker” recording clips, which were an instantly memorable part of the “Sticker” era.

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As the members had been discussing Doyoung’s habit of singing with a hand on his chest, Doyoung brought up Taeil’s own pose while recording “Sticker,” much to Haechan’s delight. Doyoung said, “It was so funny I screenshotted it.”

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The two of them immediately started imitating Taeil’s singing posture…

…and then Taeil tried to explain that he always tries different postures for research purposes. But Haechan and Doyoung still couldn’t help laughing!

Taeil did get to explain, however, that posture affects how the sound comes out, which is why he likes to try different things.

He even demonstrated how exactly he’d pressed his abdomen in the “Sticker” recording video, and Haechan couldn’t help joking about how this should be considered a trade secret.

While Taeil is undeniably an amazing vocalist, it’s funny to see that his experimental postures were also appreciated by his members as well as fans, who feel that Taeil’s vocals really carried that song!

Taeil’s professionalism and sheer talent will never go without praise. As Doyoung said, those clips really show how hard Taeil works to achieve the impressive results that he does!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.

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