NCT 127 Crowned The Member With The Best Butt, And There Was No Competition

“Was it determined from birth?”

All the members of NCT 127 have figures that anyone would be jealous of. There was one member that took the crown for having the best backside among them, though.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

As they danced to “Sticker”, some of them were especially into the move where their butts took the spotlight. Even Mark laughed at how much Taeyong emphasized his backside. Still, there was something missing.

Although they had the move down, Taeyong pointed out that one of them made it look best. He said, “To be honest, no one can beat Mark.” Mark proved it by poking out his backside and posing, making them all say, “Whoa!

Taeyong was so amazed by Mark’s butt that he asked, “Was it determined from birth?Jungwoo had a hilarious response.

Making Mark laugh, Jungwoo joked that the secret to his perfect backside was a healthy dose of targeted exercise.

No. Always before going to bed, after showering at the dorm, he always does squats. He does about fifty of them.

— Jungwoo

Jokes aside, it looks like Mark was naturally gifted with the best bottom. Even Johnny wanted to make his own butt look just as perfectly plump.

Mark | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Watch Taeyong praise the best butt of the group, with no one denying it.