NCT 127’s Taeyong Exposes How Painful Stage Outfits With Harnesses Are

They look sexy but pack a bit of a “Punch”.

Since stage outfits are customized, they come in all sorts of styles. There’s one look that’s been popular for a while among male idols, though.

Whenever they want to go for a powerful or dark concept, there’s always a harness and chains involved. Eagle-eyed fans spotted something about NCT 127‘s Taeyong‘s harness that had them worried about how uncomfortable it seemed.

After releasing their repackaged album Neo Zone: The Final Round, the group dropped a music video for its title track “Punch”. Taeyong’s stage outfit immediately caught everyone’s attention.

Wearing a harness with chains attached and a short-sleeved vest on top, NCTzens were clutching their chests at seeing him without an actual shirt. There was one problem.

Because Taeyong didn’t have a barrier between his skin and the chains, his powerful dancing and movements caused the harness to hit his torso repeatedly.

If you take a close look at Taeyong, there’s a large red area circling where the long chain rests, over the bottom half of his torso.

The fact that he continued to film the music video for hours, or days, with such painful-looking bruising proved he was willing to do whatever it took for the perfect shots.

Taeyong even wore the same stage outfit for their comeback stage. That could be why there’s only been one performance of him wearing that particular outfit.

Since then, he and the rest of the group have been comfortable in their simple white shirts underneath stylish matching jackets.

Although those harnesses with chains can look sexy, especially when worn without a shirt, Taeyong unintentionally revealed just how painful they actually could be. See the video here to catch his scenes wearing the stage outfit here.