NCT 127 Reveals That Taeyong Is The Fashionable Member, And You Can’t Argue With Their Logic

He is definitely a trendsetter!

Every member of NCT has their own unique and fashionable sense of style. With so many members between the units, each has their own charms that showcase each person’s personality, and NCTzens probably couldn’t pick who was the best. Yet, when NCT 127 was asked, they all went for leader Taeyong.

NCT’s Taeyong showcasing his fashionable sense of style.

The members recently appeared on a video on the TEDDY ISLAND YouTube channel where they spoke about fashion, tried on some clothes, and did some designing for themselves.

Before they got into teams, the members had to answer some fashion-related questions. The first one was “Which member has the best sense of style?” Most of the members knew their answer straight away, pointing to leader Taeyong!

Doyoung was the first member to explain his reasoning behind picking Taeyong. For him, Taeyong was the best because he is a big spender when buying clothes. 

Even though that answer was good enough, Jungwoo had an explanation that NCTzens couldn’t disagree with. For him, he believed that “Taeyong’s face is fashion.

Although Taeyong seemed to blush at the idea, there is no denying that his good looks are second to none and dazzling. Even when he tried to move on to another question, Jungwoo pointed out that their leader had gone very red because he couldn’t handle their sweetness. Luckily, he accepted their compliments in the end.

Along with the rest of the members, Taeyong definitely shines with his sense of fashion that perfectly complements his talent, charisma, and personality. You can watch the whole video below.