NCT 127’s Taeyong Handles A Stage Accident Like A Badass

Keeping the equipment safe while dancing powerfully? He can manage it.

NCT 127‘s Taeyong never holds back when it’s time to showcase his passionate dancing. During their latest “Kick It” stage for MBC‘s Show! Music Core, not even the falling of his microphone pack could keep him from dancing.

As Taeil began singing his powerful high-note, Taeyong stepped to the center. He struck a cool pose before preparing for the high-energy dance break.

Without missing a beat, Taeyong kicked his legs back and forth. There was so much passion and force behind it that his microphone pack was accidentally shaken loose.

He didn’t let that minor issue stop him from keeping the performance going. While the microphone pack dangled beside him, swinging around, Taeyong danced like there was no tomorrow. He wasn’t careless, though.

When the microphone pack finally landed on the floor behind him, Taeyong remained mindful of where it was. No matter how intense his dancing became, he avoided causing another problem by stepping on it.

During the choreography, there was a point where he moved to the side and waited for the next move. Taeyong smartly used the breather to pull the cord of the microphone pack, bringing it into his hands.

For the little bit of the stage that was left, Taeyong settled on holding it in his left hand, still never missing a dance move.

No matter what accidents the stage throws at Taeyong, he’ll always handle it like a badass. See him powerfully dance while also handling the microphone pack safely here.