NCT 127’s Taeyong Looks Like Computer Graphics In This Jaw Dropping Video

Is he real?

NCT 127 dropped a “Superhuman” dance practice video, and while most K-Pop idols wear comfy outfits and look casual in these videos, Taeyong rocked a tie-dye shirt with skinny pants and dress shoes – and NCTzens are so stunned by the visual they’re calling him computer graphics instead.


Taeyong, from the very beginning of the video, wows the fans with his unreal hair. His ashy colored hair dances to the music too and Taeyong looks absolutely – well, superhuman.

Taeyong is too perfect… his visual, movement, style… Ugh😭😭😭

— YouTube ID Havila Putri


Throughout the video, Taeyong in his fancy dress up shows off his extra long arms and legs. Some of the choreography actually help with making him look like a two-dimensional game character.

It ain’t Taeyong unless he’s looking expensive even for a dance practice 🔥😭🙌

— YouTube ID MsKpopGurl


Sometimes Taeyong is simply too awesome that he steals the thunder even when other members are singing. Look at him shamelessly pop up and take the spotlight when Doyoung is showcasing his beautiful voice.

I’m so mesmerized by taeyong wow I can’t take my eyes off of him 😍



Fans can’t deny Taeyong’s uncanny resemblance to Jack Frost, the character. Check out this fancy move Taeyong pulls off – that ends up making him look like he’s about to summon icicles.


NCTzens absolutely love “Superhuman” choreography, for its power, flow, and synchronization. Watch their latest, most satisfying practice video here: