NCT’s Taeyong And Yuta Didn’t Hold Back When Exposing Each Other’s Bad Habits

They knew exactly what to say.

Since NCT 127‘s Taeyong and Yuta have been thick as thieves since their trainee days, they were the perfect duo to know each other’s bad habits. While chatting with ELLE Japan, they shared which of their qualities was best in moderation.

Taeyong and Yuta. | ELLE Japan

When the magazine asked them what they wanted each other to fix about themselves, Taeyong was already excited to roast his dear friend.

Yuta was the one who answered first, pointing out Taeyong’s habit of taking a joke to the next level. He said, “For me, it’s his jokes that go too far.” Yuta did acknowledge Taeyong’s restraint in not going as far lately.

Taeyong’s wish for Yuta made them laugh even harder from knowing each other too well. Receiving Yuta’s approval to be honest, Taeyong said, “He screams sometimes.” Yuta hadn’t been ready, bursting into laughter.

After laughing about it, Taeyong explained how shocking it was to hear Yuta suddenly scream in their waiting room and how it was sometimes “exhausting when the schedule is tight.” Taeyong did acknowledge that it helped boost their mood at the right moments.

Yuta apologized and shared his commitment to limiting how much he does it. He said, “I sometimes scare the members, so I want to fix it. Sorry.

Watch the two laugh about their bad habits that sometimes work for the greater good.