NCT 127 Were Touched By Yuta’s Advice For Staying Loyal To Their Group

Taeyong and Mark had to give him props.

NCT 127 tackled the question of the best advice their parents ever gave them.


Yuta‘s straightforward answer took them all by surprise and had them royally impressed. His parents had told him, “More than anything, never betray your group members.”

Everyone had been so impressed all they could say was a collective “Oh.” Taeyong was so caught off guard that he mentioned it was his first time hearing the advice from Yuta.

Mark and Taeyong couldn’t help but shake Yuta’s hand to congratulate him while saying, “I’m moved,” and, “That’s so cool.”

Whenever Yuta has something to say, it’s typically something wise. Watch Yuta impress his members with his cool answer. After all, if they can’t stay loyal to each other as a group, it’ll be the source of many issues.