NCT 127 Were TXT’s Biggest Supporters, And They Were Loving It

They’re a perfect example of how seniors should treat their juniors.

As seniors, NCT 127 showered TXT with so much love and support during an interview that everyone loved the sweet interaction—especially TXT.


While NCT 127 promoted “Punch” and TXT promoted “PUMA”, the two groups met up on KBS‘s Music Bank for a joint interview. As soon as TXT introduced themselves, NCT 127 were ready to support their juniors with loud cheers.

Right after Yeonjun answered a question, NCT 127 didn’t waste any time shouting so loud that he couldn’t help but look at the group with a smile. He wasn’t the only TXT appreciating the support, either.

Hearing the loud shouting for Yeonjun made Soobin crack a smile and chuckle into his microphone—before he could even answer his own question.

Being caring seniors, NCT 127 showed that same energy to Soobin. When Soobin finished his answer, he immediately broke into a huge smile when he heard NCT 127’s loud cheers hyping him up.

The sweet interaction had fans of both groups loving how supportive NCT 127 was of their juniors—especially when TXT were fresh rookies—and seeing how happy the TXT members were.

NCT 127’s Johnny, Jaehyun, and Taeyong.

Check out the heartwarming yet adorable moment between the two groups here.