NCT 127 And WayV United To Support NCT Dream’s First Concert

All the NCT units in one place is an NCTzen’s dream come true.

NCT Dream kicked off their first concert, The Dream Show, on November 15 with a major show of support from all of NCT’s main units.


Although every single member of each unit couldn’t make it due to their schedules, those who did were more than enough to hype up NCTzens.

Image credit: @KIMJUNC0TT0NS

Johnny, Jaehyun, Taeil, Yuta, and Doyoung represented NCT 127 and didn’t disappoint with their high level of excitement.

Doyoung and Johnny had the time of their lives, jumping around with their lightsticks held high.

To represent WayV, Xiaojun and Kun did the honors, toting their lightsticks as well.

Kun Ge, Brother Kun, even took his support a step further by holding up an electronic sign saying, “NCT Dream’s The Best!”

The Dreamies were more than supported by their hyungs. Which members do you think will show up for day two?


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