NCT’s WinWin Confirmed A Major Fan Theory At 2018 KPMA

NCTzens now know who “Simon” is.

Like many K-Pop fandoms, NCTzens have brainstormed a web of theories, and NCT‘s Winwin may have just proved one of them true.


The theory in question stems from NCT 127‘s “Simon Says” MV, which dropped back on November 22. Many fans have interpreted the song as being a clapback at NCT 127’s haters and critics who “think you know it all”. After all, if Simon says NCT 127 is “a real vibe killer” it must be true because Simon’s word is law.


NCT 127’s “Simon Says” references a popular children’s game of the same name. The game involves one player, who issues instructions as “Simon”, and two or more other players who must do whatever Simon says, such as jumping in the air or sticking out their tongue, so long as “Simon” says “Simon says” before giving the instruction.


If they follow a command that isn’t preceded by “Simon says”, they’re out of the game. Simon’s goal is to trick players into accidentally following commands, and the players’ goal is to be the last player left standing.


Fans have combined the original game with NCT 127’s hit song to come up with a new theory that has turned Simon into a mysterious, god-like figure. This Simon is a puppeteer who controls all of NCT’s subunits.


Ever since the theory took off, fans have been wondering, “Who is Simon?”.


This question was finally answered at the 2018 Korea Popular Music Awards (KPMA), during NCT 127‘s performance.


NCT 127 performed “Simon Says” and “Regular” at the event. Their performance was preceded by a video of the members wearing cloaks. All the members wore black, except for one mysterious faceless, white-cloaked figure: Simon.


Between “Simon Says” and “Regular”, Simon appeared on stage, seated on a throne. A flash of video revealed him to be none other than WinWin!


Soon after the show, NCT 127’s official Twitter tweeted out two photos of WinWin with the caption “Simon winwin”, confirming Simon’s identity.


Now fans finally know who the true mastermind is!


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