NCT 127 Wowed “Weekly Idol” Hosts With This Incredible Cover of Maroon 5

NCT 127’s vocal line is considerably impressive and they’re constantly reaching for new heights, but they might have outdone themselves with their cover of these English songs.

On February 8, Weekly Idol aired a special episode featuring NCT 127. This was the second time the group has been on the program, and they once again dazzled viewers with their synchronized dance moves and impressive vocals.

In particular, NCT 127’s vocal line (composed of members Taeil, Jaehyun, and Doyoung) performed their own rendition of both Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” and Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”. The two performances on the program’s “Listen To Our Song” segment showcased NCT 127’s flawless harmonies.

In the same episode, the group performed a sped-up version of their exhausting choreography to “Limitless”.

Currently, NCT Dream, also featuring NCT 127’s own Mark and Haechan, is promoting the track, “My First and Last“, while NCT 127 gears up for an upcoming performance at KCON Mexico next month.