NCT 127’s Yuta And PENTAGON’s Yuto Is The Friendship You Didn’t Know You Needed

“Yes, he’s my friend.”

In NCT 127‘s Yuta‘s most recent live broadcast, he spent over an hour chatting with fans and responding to their pressing questions. In the process, he mentioned his connection to PENTAGON‘s Yuto, confirming their friendship to fans’ joy.

Remembering a post he’d uploaded, Yuta asked, “Did you see the bowling game? I got a strike.” After flexing his skills at his high scoring, he then mentioned that he hadn’t gone alone. He’d been accompanied by a friend.

Since fans of both groups had begun to put the pieces together from the posts they’d made, Yuta officially confirmed who the friend had been. He casually stated, “I went to the bowling alley with Yuto.”

During Yuto’s latest live broadcast, fans commented to check if it was true. Seeing all of them talking about it, he’d mused, “Ah, yes. Yuta hyung already said it.” He then finished the sentence with an adorable smile.

With the way Yuto recently jammed out to NCT 127’s newest song “Kick It” during another live broadcast, it now makes perfect sense he’d show support for his friend by busting out the catchy “New Thangs” dance move.

Even though Yuta is a ’95 liner and Yuto is a part of the ’98 line, the Japanese idols are sticking by each other’s side with their sweet friendship.

If they’re having such fun outings as going bowling, who knows how else they spend their time together?

Watch both of them confirm the friendship everyone wants to see more of here, beginning at 15:31.