NCT 127’s 2019 Version Of “Firetruck” Is Bittersweet Because It’s Missing This One Vital Component

It wasn’t the same without him.

NCT 127 performed a 2019 version of their debut song “Fire Truck” for Weekly Idol‘s “Back to the Debut” series, and fans were clearly excited to see how far the boys have come since debuting in 2016.

It was so nice and nostalgic to see updated versions of our favorite “Fire Truck” choreographies.


One thing stuck out to fans, though, and that was the lineup change. When NCT 127 debuted there were only 7 members: Taeyong, Taeil, Haechan (then, Donghyuk), Jaehyun, Yuta, WINWIN, and Mark. Later that year, in December 2016, Johnny and Doyoung were added.


The newest member, Jungwoo, was added to the sub unit’s lineup in October 2018, and so far we’ve only been blessed with a 10-member version of Fire Truck once – during NCT 127’s mini concert in LA that same month.

A month later, in November 2018 WINWIN ceased promotions with NCT 127 to train and debut with WayV in China.

WINWIN and WayV are making waves in China (bad pun) so NCTzens are slowly getting used to his absence from the group, but a throwback like this puts them right back in their feels when they reminisce about the debut performance of “Fire Truck”.

Who thought someone would cry over Firetruck? Our boys have come a long way and Winwin, you are missed buddy 😭

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This makes me miss Winwin even more🙁

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Fire truck will never be the same without winwin 😭😭😭😭

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This 2019 version of “Fire Truck” definitely grabbed NCTzens by the heartstrings, and you can watch the full video here: