NCT 127’s Doyoung Thought He Hit Fans With His Frisbee Tossing And His Reaction Will Warm Your Heart

NCTzens come first for him.

NCT 127 has been touring the world for Neo City – The Origin, and they’ve been doing something special for fans.

While performing their upbeat track “Summer 127”, NCT usually throws autographed balls into the audience. But, they’ve decided to add autographed frisbees as well.

But, frisbees and Doyoung don’t seem to be quite a great combination. After throwing one into the crowd, he immediately covered his mouth with his hand because he thought he’d hit a fan.

His was very concerned because it’s the last thing he’d wanted to do.

It turned out the fan was fine: Doyoung’s smile returned and he gave an okay hand gesture after confirming it.

But, he threw another frisbee right after and reacted the exact same as before. Doyoung was more scared of hitting fans than they were, and it’s extremely caring.

It seems like no fan is safe when attending an NCT concert though. They could get clocked with a flying lightstick or frisbee, and they’d have one hell of a story to tell.