NCT 127’s Haechan Finally Meets “Baby Haechan” At The LA Zoo

Fan donations helped the zoo decide on naming the fawn after Haechan!

According to Associated Press, fans of NCT 127 donated money in Janurary to name a baby Southern Pudú after NCT 127’s HaechanNCTzens raised over $2,000 for this rare opportunity.

This week, the human Haechan got to meet his namesake, snapping selfies with the little deer at his enclosure.

The adorable deer was born in late-December, and won over the hearts of NCTzens when they discovered that the deer looked like Haechan. They began calling the deer “Baby Haechan”.

Haechan was understandably excited to finally meet his furry counterpart.

While honored, Haechan said he didn’t agree with fans that he looks like the pudu. But he added he eats like the animal a lot.

— Associated Press

You can watch the full video of the boys at the zoo down below.

Source: Washington Post