NCT 127’s “Highway To Heaven” Music Video Almost Became A Lizard Hunting Competition

If Taeyong wasn’t an idol, he could definitely be a professional lizard hunter.

NCT 127 filmed their “Highway To Heaven” music video along the gorgeous Highway 101 in California, and judging from the behind the scenes footage it looks like they had a blast.

During one of the breaks, Johnny spotted a lizard and Taeil instantly came over to take a look.

Taeil: Did you see a lizard? 

Things between the lizard and NCT stayed pretty casual until Taeyong caught wind that there was a lizard; he had only one thing on his mind: we gotta catch that lizard.

Taeyong: We should move like lizards. 

Unfortunately for Taeyong, Taeil was too scared of the lizard to actually catch it and it got away. Taeyong playfully scolded his hyung for letting the lizard escape and the Lizard Hunting Saga came to a close.

Watch the behind the scenes video for NCT 127’s “Highway To Heaven” music video below: