NCT 127’s Reaction To “SUPERHUMAN” Blows All YouTube Reactors Out Of The Water

We could watch NCT 127 watching themselves all day.

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite idols feel like when they see themselves on the screen, look no further than NCT 127‘s reaction to “SUPERHUMAN”. The group watched the heavily cinematic, heavily CGI’d video for the first time together in front of a camera. Fair warning, though: watching their reaction will heighten the bar for music video reactions forever.

They starred in the video, but seeing it all come together in the finished product was almost too much for them to handle. Jungwoo caught himself off guard a couple times, screaming “that was me?!”

M: Oh! It’s Jungwoo! JW: That Me?! 

Lots of freaking out happened from beginning to end, but for the most part each member tried his best to act cool when his part came up. Except for Taeil, who…

… seemed to get lost in the moment, slightly mouthing along and feeling every second of it! We can’t blame you, Taeil! Yuta couldn’t help flipping out when he saw his shirt-ripping-open scene made the final cut either.

The definite highlight of the video was Mark and Johnny seeing their rather “close” duo scene, and screaming like middle school girls (it is a confirmed fact that 95% of NCTzens reacted the same exact way).


NCTzens, NCT 127 themselves, and the 6.4 million YouTube views all agree that “SUPERHUMAN” is a masterpiece. NCT 127 are also reaction naturals, and we hope to see more self-reacted videos from them in the future.

You can watch “SUPERHUMAN” and NCT 127’s reaction to it below: