NCT 127’s Styling For “Fire Truck” Was Disliked But The Reason Why Actually Made It Genius

It’s part of what makes them unique.

When NCT 127 debuted with “Fire Truck”, NCTzens were divided on whether or not their styling had been just right or far too out there.

The androgynous looks and the experimentation was too extreme for some and perfectly suited for others, like long skirts.

And, lots of bold accessories.

And, here’s a few of the most iconic looks like Taeyong‘s red pants and gray hair.

Mark‘s jean/hoodie contraption.

Yuta in this entire outfit, especially the shirt.

Winwin. That’s all that needs to be said here because it’s an entire look all the way from the hair.

Regardless of your viewpoint, everyone can agree that there were iconic “Fire Truck” looks. And, they definitely made a statement. Check out this thread for an in-depth look into more of the styles from that era and decide for yourself.