NCT 127’s Yuta Gives The Best Advice For Dealing With Being Homesick

He’s often far from his home of Japan, so he knows how to get through it.

Since the members of NCT 127 had to manage being away from home in order to debut and still deal with it during their promotions, they were asked how they handle being homesick.


As the only Japanese member, though not the only foreign member, Yuta decided to share his advice.

The most important thing to Yuta in tackling homesickness is to think about your goals and the reason why you’re away. Without keeping your objectives in mind, it can be hard to focus on accomplishing them and easy to lose sight of.

And, he makes it clear that there’s nothing wrong with missing your parents while away. But, it doesn’t benefit anyone to wallow about it in sadness alone. Yuta instructs you to contact them and do it as often as necessary to keep your spirits high.

It’s also the same for your friends, who you’ll miss as well. Don’t hold in your emotions and instead reach out to contact them. They’ll most likely miss you just as much as you miss them.

NCT has many foreign members, so they know how to combat homesickness. Listen to Yuta’s wise advice here.