NCT’s Chenle Goes Full Fanboy And Makes A Birthday Cake For Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry

Only the best for his favorite role model!

NCT‘s Chenle is a dedicated fan of professional basketball player Stephen Curry, who plays for the NBA‘s (National Basketball Association) Golden States Warriors. In fact, he’s such a big fan that he even made a cake for Stephen Curry’s birthday!

| @nct/Instagram

In the latest episode of their YouTube series, CHEN-JI’s This And That, Chenle and Jisung went to a bakery to learn how to bake a cake. Jisung very tactfully mentioned that there are many occasions to bake a cake, with White Day being a particularly prominent one. But while Jisung very thoughtfully intended to make a cake for NCTzens for White Day, Chenle clearly already had other priorities!

Chenle found that he had a knack for decorating cakes…

…and he decided to write the number of Stephen Curry’s birthday on his. He had a little trouble deciding which number he should write, and ended up going with 30.

Chenle was so decisive in his wish to make a cake for Stephen Curry that Jisung noted how important the player must be to Chenle. Chenle agreed, saying, “He is my role model.”

He gave the cake his absolute best effort, and was ultimately very happy with his result, hilariously saying “I’m touched for him,” and, “No one celebrates a birthday like that.” He also called his cake a “work of art“!

And much to his credit, Jisung shared his opinion. When they reviewed their work after, Chenle explained that he’d gone with the number 30 because it’s Stephen Curry’s player number, and with the color blue because it’s the team’s color.

Chenle was too sorry to cut and eat the cake right then and there…and looking at the final result it’s easy to see why!

Chenle took some great pictures instead and uploaded one to his Weibo account on March 14, the day of Stephen Curry’s birthday. He wholesomely wished his all-time favorite idol a happy birthday with a comment that said, “Happy birthday to the coolest man on earth.”

Chenle’s dedication to Stephen Curry is really sweet, but fans also find it somewhat funny since it kind of resembles their own relationship with Chenle.

However, perhaps the best thing to come out of this is that Chenle really proved he’s got some serious baking skills! And in fact, as he said in the episode, it seems like he’s had them right from the beginning.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the full episode of CHEN-JI’s This And That on the link below.