NCT’s Chenle Jokingly Called Jeno And Jaemin “Not Human,” And It’s Honestly Understandable Why

Chenle is always hilarious.

Fans of NCT are well aware of how hilarious Chenle is and how openly he speaks during both live streams and when he is messaging fans on the Dear U. Bubble messaging platform.

Recently, Chenle shared a photo of himself while playing basketball and began to jokingly brag about how no one could beat him at basketball including all the members of NCT subunit WayV. He also declared that he was stronger than many of the other members.

| Dear U. Bubble

It seems like someone brought up Johnny, because Chenle quickly shared that he in fact could not compare to Johnny.

Chenle: Johnny?

Chenle: I can’t compete against him.

Chenle: He can lift me up with just one hand.

Chenle: How can I compete with him?

| Dear U. Bubble

It seems like two members of  NCT Dream are not to be messed with either.

Chenle: I’m no match for Jeno and Jaemin either

Chenle: They’re monsters.

Chenle: I only compete with humans hahahahah

| Dear U. Bubble

Chenle is referring to the fact that over the last year both Jeno and Jaemin have been hard at work in the gym and are now so buff and strong that there’s no way he can compete.

NCT Dream’s Jeno (right) and Jaemin (left)

Both members have gone viral for their impressive physiques, and fans completely agree with Chenle’s statement.

Jaemin has talked about wanting to get even bigger, so Chenle (and fans) should keep an eye out! 


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