NCT’s Chenle Reveals How Close He And Renjun Are To SEVENTEEN’s Jun And The8

They do more than “play games together online.”

Since NCT Dream‘s Renjun had schedules that overlapped with its airing, he couldn’t fulfill his duty as the host of his radio show Yuedong Seoul. Keeping the ship sailing, Chenle filled him for him as a special host.

Since Renjun had previously mentioned how friendly he is with SEVENTEEN‘s Jun and The8, his co-host Guo Zhen brought it up to Chenle during the show.

It was the perfect opening to learn more about their friendship, giving everyone a bit more than the few interactions fans have captured of the members together.

He pointed out how Renjun often mentions the way he keeps in contact with the two SEVENTEEN members. They’re always “[playing] games together online.” Renjun also mentioned that Chenle joins them as well.

Chenle didn’t deny it, agreeing that it was entirely true. Thinking there might be some funny incidents or little-known facts from their gameplay, Guo Zhen asked a question that would reveal a little bit more about how well they get along.

As if he knew what fans wanted to know, he asked, “Do you have any stories you can share with the listeners?” Chenle didn’t keep everyone waiting in suspense. Although gaming is a big part of their friendship, he admitted, “Recently, we play games less.”

Between all four of them having their own lives and schedules, it’s understandable that it would be harder to find the time to gather and play.

They’ve instead found another way to keep their friendship afloat. Taking it offline, Chenle revealed, “But, we meet, have a meal, [and] talk.” What better way is there to enjoy a meal than with a bunch of friends who can understand you?

Although there were more stories to share about the friendship between Chenle, Renjun, Jun, and The8, they talked about those behind the scenes. After all, it’s no fun to reveal everything.

Listen to Chenle reveal just a little bit about the friendship that NCTzens and Carats love to see here.