NCT’s Chenle Reveals How Haechan Showed A Cool Side Of Himself

If Chenle was impressed, Haechan’s doing something right.

In a recent live broadcast, NCT‘s Chenle mentioned a moment where Haechan had shown a cool side of himself.


It happened when Chenle and Kun went to eat and ended up running into Haechan, Johnny, Yuta, Doyoung, and Jaehyun. With all of them knowing each other, it made sense that they decided to eat together.

Since the members of NCT 127 had been there first, they had finished eating first and left. Haechan didn’t leave without taking care of Chenle and Kun, though. He’d paid their bill as a parting gift.

It was such a smooth move that Chenle couldn’t stop saying how cool it had been. He may not always see Haechan as cool, but he’ll always have Chenle’s back.


Listen to Chenle’s retelling of how cool Haechan had been by showing off his mature side here.