NCT Chenle’s Simple Yet Sweet Gesture Proved He Is Also An LGBTQ+ Ally

Chenle, the goat.

NCT‘s Chenle is known for his incredible voice, hilarious personality, and big heart. He truly showed how kind he is in a video call that left us all emotional!

Chenle from NCT DREAM. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

During the video call, the fan told Chenle that one of the previous fans he spoke to was actually her girlfriend! They are both big fans of his and got into his fansign.

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Chenle then asked the fan a bit more about her girlfriend and their relationship, like how long they have been together. When the fan told him they haven’t seen each other in a while because of COVID-19, he was sympathetic for their situation.

Chenle: Are you two staying together right now?

Fan: No, we haven’t been able to meet up because of COVID-19.

Chenle: Oh no, that must be tough.

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She then asked Chenle if he could give them a blessing for their relationship! His answer was simple but incredibly wise and touching.

Fan: Would you like to celebrate with us by giving us a blessing?

Chenle: Hmm… I hope you two have something that’s ordinary—something long-lasting and stable. It doesn’t have to be burning passionate.

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Chenle’s warm wishes for the fan and her girlfriend have fans emotional as they show how accepting he is. Many are appreciative of how he didn’t react strongly to hearing the fan was LGBT, and instead was excited for them and wished them both a long-lasting relationship.

Comments from a Reddit post about Chenle’s video call. | Reddit

We all wish the fan and her girlfriend all the best and have yet another reason to admire Chenle now!