NCT’s Chenle Straight Up Spoiled The Entire RESONANCE Album

The “spoiler king” has done it again!

After the release of NCT 2020‘s first “RESONANCE” teaser just a few hours ago, fans are starting to look back at some of the things vocalist Chenle has done in countless live broadcasts.

The easiest of all spoilers to see is the many times Chenle said the line “Ay yo, no matter what they say, no matter what they do—” which is from Mark in the new teaser.

He also managed to spoil a song while off screen, which frustrated the other members.

He went on to spoil another song while side-eyeing his managers and saying it wasn’t a spoiler.

Finally, fans are so watchful of the “spoiler king” that some are speculating that these videos below could be potential choreography spoilers.

Fans are now jokingly asking the member to spoil more things like a WayV or NCT DREAM comeback. They also joke that SM Entertainment is going to have to start lying to Chenle in order for him to stop.

NCTzens certainly don’t mind though.

Check out their comeback on December 4!

Source: VLive and VLive