NCT’s Choreographer Picked The Best Dancers And Who Memorizes Choreography Fastest

NCT is full of talented dancers, but a few have a special something.

NCT‘s choreographer Ryu.D appeared in a clip with YouTuber and Single’s Inferno fame Cha Hyun Seung to answer fans’ burning questions about working with the 23-member group.

| auspicious_ryud/Instagram

Cha Hyun Seung spoke on behalf of many fans when asking, “Who’s the fastest to memorize choreography?” Ryu.D praised them all for being efficient, “Everyone is so fast.” Still, there were a few members who were a bit more skilled.

The first member he put the spotlight on was the super talented Mark. Ryu.D used the dance break during NCT 127‘s performance at the 2020 MAMA‘s to prove how Mark could take his choreography and turn it into something much more powerful.

You’ll realize it if you watch the solo part of Mark in ‘Kick It’. He filled the whole stage by himself in ‘MAMA.’ Mark did the choreography better than me, the choreographer.

— Ryu D

He then selected the three members who were especially gifted in dancing, “So Mark, Ten, and Taeyong.” Ryu.D noted that they were on another level with their skills, “These three are at a higher level, skill-wise.

As for which members picked up choreography the fastest, Ryu.D couldn’t choose just a few because they all were talented. “I think all the members are fast to memorize the choreography. There’s no one who falls behind when they memorize the choreography.

Watch Ryu.D share his inside knowledge of NCT’s dance skills here.


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