The Person Taking NCT Doyoung’s Boyfriend Photos Isn’t Who You Think

They’re not an NCT member at all.

NCT‘s Doyoung is known for taking such spot-on boyfriend photos that fans can easily see what it’d be like to have him as a real boyfriend. While it might be common to think one of his members is taking the photos, he revealed the person who’s really behind the camera.

Doyoung | @do0_nct/Instagram

During Doyoung’s interview with W Korea, he read a fan’s comment that praised his photos for being “textbook-quality” and asked him for the secret behind his boyfriend photos.

The person taking Doyoung’s boyfriend photos is someone extremely close to him. He revealed, “My mom usually takes a lot of pictures of me.” There are even a “few things” that Doyoung asks her to do to snap the perfect photo.

To make sure the photos look natural, Doyoung asks his mom to take a few candid ones where he isn’t focused on the camera at all.

He even asks his mom to “take a picture from below,” which shows a full view of his outfit and highlights how tall he is.

If you ever get just a little jealous from looking at Doyoung’s boyfriend photos, there’s no need to. It’s just him and his mom spending some precious time together.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

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