NCT’s Doyoung Crushed Johnny’s Dreams In An Instant

Johnny thought his plan worked…until Doyoung foiled it.

For the newest season of NCT Life in Chuncheon and Hongcheon, members of NCT 127 had all the fun in the world on their mini-vacation.


When they were selecting rooms, Doyoung had a bit of extra fun with Johnny, ruining his best-laid plans in the funniest way.

Upon entering his chosen room, Johnny thought he was all alone and rooming by himself. He was so excited that he hopped further into it, smiling the biggest smile ever.

He even busted out some dancing and singing to celebrate his victory. In his mind, he’d probably planned out all the things he’d be able to do by himself. Little did he know, he wasn’t alone and would actually have a roommate all along.

While Johhny had been two-stepping and getting his groove on, Doyoung slowly popped his head above the bed to watch. When Johnny happened to turn his head and spot Doyoung, he completely lost it.

As soon as Johnny saw him there, his mouth and eyes widened in shock. The fact that his dream was ruined caused him to pass out onto the bed dramatically.


Doyoung knew the funniest way to ruin Johnny’s plans. All he had to do was hide and wait. Watch the hilarious moment he foiled Johnny’s small dream here.