NCT’s Doyoung Gains Praise For His Thoughtful Comments About Having Children

Do you agree with his feelings?

NCT‘s Doyoung is gaining praise from fans after sharing his mindset of having children during the newest episode of Master In The House. 

NCT’s Doyoung | ELLE Japan

Master In The House season two has just begun, and fans are already loving the content that has come from it!

The reality program’s cast consists of Yang Se Hyun, Kim Dong Hyun, Sechs Kies‘s Eun Jiwon, Doyoung, GOT7‘s BamBam, and former professional baseball player Lee Dae Ho. It features the stars spending time learning something from a “master” and applying it to their own lives.

Master In The House flyer.

In the latest episode, the cast visit BamBam and Lee Dae Ho’s homes to compare the lives of unmarried and married men.

After touring BamBam’s home, the cast sit and discuss life and marriage. BamBam manages to shock the other five men when he gives his honest opinion that he doesn’t want to get married.

BamBam mentions that seeing his older brother helped to decide his thoughts on the matter, as he now has a young child and is married.

Later in the episode, the matter of having children comes up again when Eun Jiwon comments that he was persuaded against having children by seeing his mom as he grew up, saying that his mom “wasted her whole life for me.

Some of the cast and guests began to discuss what he said, insisting that his mother was likely happier with him than without him and that she did not see it the way he did.

Doyoung then speaks up, saying that while the older generation may see things this way, the newer generation has differing opinions, stating that “a child shouldn’t be a tool for happiness.

People say that watching their children makes them happy, but the new generation thinks that a child should not be a tool for happiness. Children are not born with the purpose of making their parents happy.

— Doyoung

The cast members are left in awe and react accordingly to Doyoung’s deep thoughts on the matter!

Fans have chimed in with their own thoughts and have praised Doyoung for his mindset.


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