NCT’s Doyoung Reveals Why He Posed Alone After Accepting Their Cosmopolitan Artist Award

He definitely looked handsome though!

NCT‘s Doyoung And Jungwoo recently participated in an intriguing interview and glamorous pictorial with Cosmopolitan Korea. The two also shot a Zoom-interview where Doyoung revealed the hilariously adorable story behind why he posed alone during an award acceptance.

Back in January, NCT proudly won and accepted the “Cosmopolitan Artist Award” at the 35th Golden Disc Awards. The members came out on stage and gave a warm-hearted acceptance speech.

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube

While this was a proud moment for NCT and NCTzens, many fans also noticed Doyoung made a cute mistake where he posed after the group finished their speech. But, was it a mistake? Cosmopolitan Korea asked that very same question. Doyoung clearly will never forget this moment as he commented, “Ah, okay” when it was brought up.

Doyoung then asked Jungwoo, “Do you know what this is about?” Jungwoo replied, “I don’t. What is this about.

Doyoung then blessed Jungwoo and the rest of the world what made him pose alone next to his members that day.

Since the award we won was from Cosmopolitan Korea. We promised each other ‘To pose in relation to fashion on the backstage,’ but only I did. I was the only one who was posing.

— Doyoung

Following his story, Jungwoo finally realized what Doyoung shared. Once the realization hit, Jungwoo  commented, “Ah, are you talking about that time?”

Doyouong clarified once again, “I was trying to pose and no one was doing it so I was like ‘Huh?’” Poor Doyoung. It’s okay, it was a cute moment for NCTzens and he looked stunning with his pose!

To make up for it, Jungwoo posed with Doyoung and it was a marvelous moment.

Check out the video below: